Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hero Talk Episode 18

Hey Dudes and Dudettes! Available now to download onto your new fangled listening devices is Episode 18 of everybody's favourite comic book and geek related podcast - HERO TALK!

I, along with my cohorts James Lundy and Dean Saul (Mat Guy is still chillin on his honeymoon) talk about all things geeky and this episode is no exception as we discuss the upcoming NICE convention in Kettering and Showmasters ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA SHOW in London, we share our love for DREDD 3D and chat about the upcoming climax of AvX, and in Comics of Future Past I talk about the Thunderbolts 15th Anniversary, DC Comics issue #0 month (specifically Swamp Thing #0) and Matt Fractions upcoming relaunch of both Fantastic Four and FF.



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- Download the mp3 via: www.heroesandidols.com/podcasts/htalkep18.mp3

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