Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Book of the Month Club - The Stories So Far...

We are rapidly approaching the fourth anniversary of the book club that I proudly started in March of 2009, so I thought I would give you a visual guide of the books we have read so far, for the club members to look back on, hopefully with fondness and for those of you that may be interested in joining us, or just looking for a recommendation for something to read.


WATCHMEN - (w) Alan Moore (a) Dave Gibbons

DAREDEVIL - GUARDIAN DEVIL - (w) Kevin Smith (a) Joe Quesada

IDENTITY CRISIS - (w) Brad Meltzer (a) Rags Morales

IRON MAN - DEMON IN A BOTTLE - (w) David Michelinie (a) Bob Layton & John Romita Jr

JOKER - (w) Brian Azzarelo (a) Lee Bermejo

MORNING GLORIES - (w) Nick Spencer (a) Joe Eisma

NEIL GAIMAN'S NEVERWHERE - (w) Mike Carey (a) Glenn Fabry

PREACHER vol 1 - GONE TO TEXAS - (w) Garth Ennis (a) Steve Dillon

SANDMAN vol 1 - PRELUDES & NOCTURNES - (w) Neil Gaiman (a) Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg and Malcolm Jones III

SCALPED vol 1 - INDIAN COUNTRY - (w) Jason Aaron (a) R.M. Guéra

SECRET WAR - (w) Brian Michael Bendis (a) Gabrielle Del'Otto

SPIDER-MAN - TORMENT - by Todd McFarlane

SPIDER-MAN: BLUE - (w) Jeph Loeb (a) Tim Sale

SUPERMAN - RED SON - (w) Mark Millar (a) Dave Johnson & Kilian Plunkett

THE CROW - by J.O'Barr

THE GOON vol 1 - NOTHIN' BUT MISERY - by Eric Powell

TRANSMETROPOLITAN vol 1 - BACK ON THE STREET - (w) Warren Ellis (a) Darick Robertson

TRIGUN vol 1 - by Yasuhiro Nightow

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN vol 1 - POWER & RESPONSIBILITY - (w) Brian Michael Bendis (a) Mark Bagley

THE WALKING DEAD vol 1 - DAYS GONE BYE - (w) Robert Kirkman (a) Tony Moore

WOLVERINE - OLD MAN LOGAN - (w) Mark Millar (a) Steve McNiven

X-MEN - THE DARK PHOENIX SAGA - (w) Chris Claremont (a) John Byrne

X-MEN NOIR - (w) Fred Van Lente (a) Dennis Calero

Y THE LAST MAN vol 1 - UNMANNED - (w) Brian K. Vaughan (a) Pia Guerra

V FOR VENDETTA - (w) Alan Moore (a) David Lloyd

BAKUMAN vol 1 - (w) Tsugumi Ohba (a) Takeshi Obata

BATMAN - THE CULT - (w) Jim Starlin (a) Bernie Wrightson

FINAL CRISIS - (w) Grant Morrison (a) J.G. Jones

G.I. JOE vol 1 - (w) Chuck Dixon (a) Robert Atkins

GREEN LANTERN - SECRET ORIGIN - (w) Geoff Johns (a) Ivan Reis

GRIMM FAIRY TALES vol 1 - (w) Ralph Tedesco & Joe Tyler (a) Joe Dodd

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vol 1 - LEGACY - (w) Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (a) Paul Peletier

HELLBOY vol 1 - SEED OF DESTRUCTION - (w) John Byrne & Mike Mignola (a) Mike Mignola

THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST vol 1 - THE LAST IRON FIST STORY - (w) Ed Brubaker & Matt Fraction (a) David Aja


KINGDOM COME - (w) Mark Waid (a) Alex Ross

RASL vol 1 - THE DRIFT - by Jeff Smith


RUROUNI KENSHIN vol 1 - by Nobuhiro Watsuki

THE BOYS vol 1 - THE NAME OF THE GAME - (w) Garth Ennis (a) Darick Robertson

UNCLE SAM - (w) Steve Darnall (a) Alex Ross

CIVIL WAR - (w) Mark Millar (a) Steve McNiven

DARK AVENGERS vol 1 - ASSEMBLE - (w) Brian Michael Bendis (a) Mike Deodato

THE PRO - (w) Garth Ennis (a) Amanda Conner

VILLAINS UNITED - (w) Gail Simone (a) Dale Eaglesham

Well, there you have it. A complete visual list of all of the books we have read and reviewed so far at Book Club. Over the past four years we have taken a look at stories, some of which we probably may not have read without each others recommendations. We are a diverse group that join together through our mutual love of comics and I like to think that we have helped the industry in our own little way by spreading the love and increasing our knowledge, which ignites our passion and only leads us to buying and reading more comics.

Please feel free to message me if you would like to join our merry band each month and I will pass on the details to you.


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