Friday, 13 July 2012

Thank You Soapy!

Yesterday I was in attendance for the funeral of Alan 'Soapy' Irons, who is the Father of my best friend Brendon. My relationship with Soapy wasn't deep or profound, but I always had the utmost respect for him and like to think that we have a connection in our laid back demeanour's and passion for reading. The thing about Soapy that really stood out for me though, was that he was always so giving. If you needed anything, just ask and he would do his best to help in any way he could. So I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to Alan for everything he did for me...

Thank You for all those times you drove me and Brendon to Memorabilia and spent all day sitting in the 'Loser Cruiser' whilst we ran around looking for cheap comics and Transformers.

Thank You for letting us use your house as a storage facility for all of our comics whilst we traipsed in and out with boxes.

Thank You for coming with us to the Ford dealership and helping us to buy the Apocalypse Mobile, as well as fixing the back up with straps for the boards.

Thank You for building the boards for us. We were supposed to borrow your tools and pick your brain on the best way to go about it, but before we knew it, you had already built the things.

Thank You for lending us your ladder so we could fix the sign that never worked on the front of the shop. We were supposed to give it back after the shop opened, but they stayed in the alley behind the shop till the day we closed. Sorry about that.

Thank You for letting me feel welcome and comfortable in your home, allowing me to have a front door key and to let myself in whenever I needed, especially during the early scanning days. I have always felt that 103 Wood Street is a home away from home, and you and Dot are the ones responsible for that.

And Thank You for raising Brendon and helping to make him the man that he is today. He is the brother that I never had, an amazing father and someone I am extremely proud to call my friend. I am sure you are even more proud of your boy.

I'll miss you Soapy. Our relationship may not have been profound, but your effect on my life was. Thank You.


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