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Book of the Month Club - October 2012 - THE PRO

Since March of 2009, myself and a group of like minded comic enthusiasts have been meeting each month to discuss a book that has been picked by a member of the club to be read that month. We have read and discussed a variety of titles including; Watchmen, Preacher, Daredevil - Guardian Devil, Superman - Red Son, Judge Death - Boyhood of a Superfiend, Bakuman, A Right to be Hostile, GI Joe vol 1 and Neverwhere.
I would like to invite you all to join us, either physically each month if you live in the Kettering area and can attend the meetings, or virtually via this blog by reading the chosen book and voicing your opinions in our comments section. Each month I will post our thoughts on the pick as well as posting the name of the next months book.

This months pick...

THE PRO - (w) Garth Ennis (a) Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Superhero satire done in the worst possible taste, The Pro is a look behind the glamorous curtain of superheroics into the life of a less than glamorous prostitute who is imbued with super powers as part of a bet/joke between a pair of aliens. Approached by an obvious spoof of the Justice League and asked to join the club, The Pro soon finds out that this super-lark isn't her cuppa tea and that it is more lucrative to give super speedy blow jobs instead.
Not for minors or those with a weak disposition, the Pro isn't your grandparents super hero book.

Our thoughts on the book...

Mario - I found this book to be hilarious from start to finish. Ennis does what he does best with this book and that is to entertain without pulling any punches. He is a master at satirising the super hero genre from what seems to be a stance of both respect and an admission of the flaws that it holds. Amanda Conner's art is, as always, gorgeous, as she even makes the grimiest of scenes look polished and even pretty.
This is a quick read and not one to be taken overly seriously, but if you are looking for something fun or a break from your average super hero comic book, then the Pro could very well be the book for you. 7/10

Frankie - This is a quirky one off by Ennis which I love because of Ennis. I love the really strong female lead, yes she is a prostitute, but at her core she is a really good person doing best under the circumstances. I also love the dichotomy of revealing those that are usually revered as hypocrites. Obnoxious, offensive and an absolutely brilliant little gem. Was initially recommended to me by a friend and I love it. 8/10

Stephen - I like superheroes and I don't usually like the profanity that Ennis puts into his books, but I quite enjoyed this, I liked the artwork and in this situation the profanity was called for and suited the book. I found it very funny. 7/10

Louise - I really liked it. I knew what to expect from what Frankie had told me and that it was written by Garth Ennis and I love the fact that it focusses on someone who is not your typical hero. No black or white, but of everything rolled into one. It mirrors real life in showing so called goodie-goodies as morons. There isn't much too it, but I really liked it, it's a good half hour chuckle. Amanda Conner's art is great, nice and bold and suits the character. 7/10

James - I was very pleased that it was only a short book. I tend to judge books by how many times I would be willing to read it and I think that I will only ever read this once. I wasn't fond of the obscenity. It was a push too far. I like my satire to be something more along the lines of strange tales. Just one of those books that I understand where they were going with it, but I was just "oh well, glad that's over." 3/10

Alex - My main problem with this book was the length. It felt like the concept would work as a one joke gag, but it was too long and it was too short for a proper story that you could sink your teeth into. I liked the art. The satire of the JLA could have been more inventive. I don't have anything against it, but it definitely could have been more. 6/10

Elaine - I can see faults in it, for example it is too short for my liking. Like the story at the end as well, maybe it would have worked better as five separate short stories instead. I liked the art for the detail, the backgrounds have some of the funiest parts of the book. The detail is genius. The level of profanity was excessive, but it didnt really bother me. I had to read twice just for the detail alone. 7/10

Martin - I am a big fan of Ennis' work and I had high hopes for this book. It was alright, but not spectacular. A short read that was fun. The art was not stand out, but I can see the obvious homage to Marvel and DC characters with the details, which were amazing. I especially like the line of hookers with with assorted random objects in hand ready to ruin anus of the john who was unwilling to pay for services rendered. It's a fun read, but I wouldn't recommend it to my Mum. 7/10

Amy - I don't like 'The Pro', I'm going to be straight up and honest about it, the book is not for me. I didn't find the humour in the book to be funny at all, if anything I found it to be almost infantile and annoying. Whilst the art was okay I've seen much better work from Amanda Connor.
The plot is very simple, there's not really anything to the book beyond the joke of the actual concept of a prostitute getting super powers, and the short length of the book means that it doesn't outstay its welcome.
I can see why some people would find 'The Pro' to be amusing and enjoy the book, but in all honesty it just doesn't do it for me and I won't be reading it again. 3/10

So there you go. This is what our club members thought of The Pro. Please leave your comments in the box below to give us your two cents or if you live in the Kettering area, why not pop along to our next meeting on the 26th of November (message me for more details). Next months pick is Scalped vol 1 - Indian Country, by Jason Aaron and R.M. Guerra, so why not dig out a copy and give us your thoughts!


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