Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hero Talk Episode 23

Hey Dudes and Dudettes! Available now to download onto your new fangled listening devices is Episode 23 of everybody's favourite comic book and geek related podcast - HERO TALK!

This week, along with my cohort James Lundy and special guest host Mark Walker, we discuss among other things; Superman quitting his job at the Daily Planet, the Walking Dead series 3 & video game, the Iron Man 3 and Evil Dead trailers, DC comics I, Vampire and the guest line up for the 2013 London Super Comic Con!

In Comics of Future Past, James talks about Ian Sharman's Hero 9-5, Robyn Hood from Zenoscope & BOOM! Studio's upcoming book; Death Match.

All this plus much more on the best comic book podcast in the WORLD!!! :)


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- Download the mp3 via: www.heroesandidols.com/podcasts/htalkep23.mp3

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